Terlikar has drawn on his fine dining training to create such dishes as broccoli, shankleesh with smoked almonds, and guindilla peppers, cheese and black garlic cornbread.
Melbourne has a real BBQ food scene happening, with Fancy Hanks and Le Bon Ton” says Grant Kells of Canberra’s American BBQ joint, Smoque. “But Chris Terlikar’s brisket at Bluebonnet BBQ is the best in Melbourne.
— 'Where Australia's top chefs eat in Sydney and Melbourne'
You can feast in the privacy of the outdoor tables in the refurbished shed with an original Bluebonnet Barbecue cocktail, or eat at the bar to learn the bartender’s whiskey-pairing secrets
“It’s reclaimed everything”, Terlikar says, right through to the stripped-back table tops and the light fixtures made from the casters that once supported them.
A Michelin star-trained chef, Chris was inspired to take American barbecue back to Melbourne after a chance encounter with Hill Country barbecue at Fette Sau in Brooklyn.
When Bluebonnet opened in Collingwood in 2014, we knew the obsession with all things American had finally gone from kitsch fascination to true appreciation with Australian chefs like Chris Terlikar finally starting to get it right.
This is man who doesn’t do things by halves; he undertook an 8-week traineeship across Texas to master this new style of cooking before settling back in Australia and launching Bluebonnet BBQ.
The beef cheek was so juicy you could almost stick a straw in it, and the brisket was tender, smoky and pull-apart perfect.
Those in the know are excited by the technique, flair and flavours that Bluebonnet brings to BBQ with it’s American influence.
Bluebonnet meat is smokey, herb-and-spicy, tender and crispy – all the things you want from Angus brisket, porter smoked beef cheeks, smoked kurobuta pork shoulder, lamb ribs and housemade sausages, all served with a big carafe of bib-worthy BBQ sauce on the side.